Hot Summer Heat

Hot SunThis past weekend was absolutely unbearable. With my son’s birthday parties (yes two for one child), I was not able to get over to the recreation center to take a dip and cool off. Fortunately, the morning was actually rather pleasant though.

On Saturday we took our son to Jump Yard, which is an indoor playhouse for kids. They have a lot of large inflatable toys that the kids can jump around in. This was my son’s party with friends. The air conditioning was so nice in that building! I was amazed at how well it kept the building cool with all of the kids playing.

Later in the afternoon, we had family over for my son’s party. It is so much nicer splitting up the celebration into two parties. Without all of the kids at the family party, we really had a great opportunity to spend time with all of our family members that attended. Unfortunately, our air conditioning unit just could not keep up with all the warm bodies in the home and the blazing sun beating down on our roof. It was 97 degrees, which is something we just are not used to.

Although our air conditioning unit was set at 76 degrees, it did not come close to that until 11PM at night. With all of the people over our house, the coolest temperature we maintained through most of the day was 83 degrees with the air conditioner running non-stop. I can’t wait to see my electric bill!

Thankfully this week it is supposed to be cooler. Sunday was certainly pleasant as compared to Saturday, but the heat is supposed to return next weekend. Thankfully, I think the whole family will be able to go to the recreation center for the day and do some swimming.


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